Apana Mudra

Apana Mudra : Benefits, Procedure etc.

Mudra merely means “seal” or “symbolic gesture”. The application of mudras is an integral a part of conventional yoga apply.

Hasta mudras in yoga are hand positions carried out to channel refined life drive power (Referred to as Prana) inside the physique. It permits us to go inward and thus helps in deepening the meditation impact.

Different combination hand mudras contain using fingers in particular patterns which impacts the physique and thoughts in a sure approach.

In this article, we will see the advantages of Apana mudra, the way it works, and detailed steps to carry out it in yoga.

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What is Apana Mudra?

Apana mudra is a primary hasta mudra or yoga hand gesture that promotes the downward motion of power within the physique. It’s linked with Apana Vayu, one of many 5 prana vayus based on yogic custom.

As a result of apana vayu is the power governing the removing of waste within the bodily physique, apana mudra is sweet for detoxing of the physique by eliminating toxins and waste. For ladies, it helps regulate the menstrual cycle. Because of this additionally it is referred to as the “Mudra for Purification”.


Detoxifies the physique. Apana mudra helps the organ of excretion to take away bodily wastes and extra water in urine. Additionally, it’s a superb mudra for kidney stones, bladder stones, and urinary tract associated circumstances.

Strengthens the immune system. Apana mudra strengthens the immune system of the physique. It eliminates free radicals that may harm cells and decrease the physique’s immune system.

Improves digestion. Apana mudra strengthens the digestive organs’ features because it promotes the downward motion of power. It additionally regulates higher bowel motion and pushes the undigested meals particles for elimination.

Alleviates abdomen issues. Common apply of apana mudra removes and reduces the issue of constipation, acidity, fuel, ache, indigestion, and so on. by stimulating the belly organs.

Forestall coronary heart illnesses and ailments, chest pains, and respiratory issues.

Helps management diabetes. Apana mudra promotes leisure and eliminates stress in diabetes sufferers. Analysis finished up to now has confirmed the therapeutic advantages of Apana mudra in curing Diabetes, particularly for sort 2 diabetes sufferers.

Makes you’re feeling safe. Doing apana mudra with pranayama and meditation helps us calm inwardly. It aids in releasing undesirable feelings, ideas, and experiences, thus making you’re feeling extra grounded and in management.

Other advantages – Apana mudra helps in awakening the kundalini power. This mudra balances root chakra power and thus helps in activating the kundalini shakti that resides on this chakra.

It creates a direct hyperlink between Koshas (annamaya kosha, pranamaya kosha, and manomaya kosha). Direct hyperlink promotes a stability between the bodily physique, pranic physique, and the psychological physique.

The hand place of Apana mudra may be very easy. You retain each arms straight, micro bend your center and ring finger and be a part of (these) fingertips with the thumb tip. Relaxation two fingers, index and pinky fingers are saved straight or calmly stretched. Make this gesture with each arms.

Sometimes, the best time to carry out apana mudra is early morning to stimulate your bowel motion. When doing some other time of the day, you are able to do this mudra 2 hours after a meal for higher digestion. Additionally, it may be finished at any time when you’re feeling nauseous. Acting on an empty abdomen can even show to be helpful.

Along with this, apana mudra needs to be finished for 45 minutes to get optimum outcomes. If you happen to can’t sit 45 minutes at a stretch, in a single session attempt to maintain this mudra for quarter-hour. This manner, do it 3 instances a day.

Steps to practice Apana Mudra

  • Sit comfortably in your yoga mat in a meditative place such because the lotus pose (padmasana) or straightforward pose (sukhasana). Your backbone needs to be straight and your head correctly aligned.
  • Shut your eyes and place your arms on your thighs or knees with palms up.
  • Be part of the tip of the thumb to the information of the ring and center finger on each arm. The index finger and little finger need to be held straight but relaxed. Preserve average strain on the information.
  • Initially maintain the mudra for at least 10 minutes. Lengthen this period as much as 20 minutes.
  • Slowly separate your finger and hold your eyes closed for one more couple of minutes.
  • Sit in silence earlier than you stand up out of your place.


Pregnant ladies shouldn’t apply apana mudra for the primary 8 months because the robust downward pull can result in mishappenings. Nevertheless, throughout the ninth month, you’ll be able to apply this mudra to ease the method of childbirth.

If you happen to undergo from diarrhea, cholera, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel syndrome or any digestion drawback ought to apply this mudra with excessive warning. Seek the advice of a yoga instructor or your physician.

Folks having osteoarthritis or who’ve beforehand suffered from Chikungunya can have an issue with the motion of the fingers or arms. Such an individual ought to seek the advice of a health care provider earlier than doing it recurrently.

How does Apana Mudra work?

As per yogic physiology, power in our physique strikes within the type of 5 prana vayus. These are:

  • Prana Vayu – Upward transferring power lies within the coronary heart.
  • Apana Vayu – Downward transferring power lies within the core of the pelvic flooring space.
  • Samana Vayu – Balancing power lies on the navel.
  • Udana Vayu – The power of motion lies within the joints of the physique.
  • Vyana Vayu – Pervades entire physique and thoughts.

Out of those 5 pranas, apana vayu offers with excretion or removing of bodily wastes corresponding to feces, fuel, urination, sweating & bleeding throughout the menstrual cycle. The downward circulate can also be useful on the time of childbirth.

The principle objective of doing apana mudra is to manage apana vayu and therefore clear all decrease physique imbalances and disturbances. On this mudra, the center finger represents the outward transferring power, and the ring finger represents the downward transferring power.

When these fingers mix with the thumb (fireplace component), the resultant power is channelled within the downward course. This may alleviate issues like constipation, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, impotence, and so on.

All the issues that happen within the organs of the decrease stomach and pelvis will be taken care of by apana mudra.

In doing Apana mudra you truly kind two hand mudras collectively; Akash mudra (becoming a member of center fingertip to thumb tip) and Prithvi mudra (becoming a member of ring fingertip to thumb tip). Subsequently this mudra stability the power of two of the 5 components of the physique.

Apana mudra successfully will increase the vata and kapha dosha whereas lowering the pitta dosha. It regulates apana vata by way of elimination, menstruation, and ejaculation. The heaviness created within the physique because of an imbalance within the earth and area components, proscribing the outflow of waste, will be countered by the hearth component.

The organs such because the colon, small intestines, and urinary bladder together with the organs of the reproductive system are successfully stimulated. This helps with the correct passage of farts, feces, and urine in addition to profitable supply of the fetus and controlled circulate throughout menstruation.

Furthermore, apana mudra doesn’t solely assist with bodily elimination, this can be very efficient in eradicating unfavourable ideas from the thoughts.


If you happen to’re going through troubles together with your abdomen or really feel a heaviness in your physique, apana mudra can help in releasing this heaviness. It is a mudra to enhance your meditation and Pranayama apply. It will additionally help you to be calm and attain by peace.

So the following time you’re feeling offended or pissed off or have an upset abdomen, you already know which mudra to apply.

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